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Contemporary Barn

The contemporary style garden of this striking property helped set it into its landscape and blend with its rural setting.

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The garden was arranged on a grid pattern intersected with gravel paths leading to different zones of the garden, incorporating spaces for a dining area under a pergol, a vegetable  plot and gym. 


This strong structural outline was infilled with masses of soft textural planting of perennials and ornamental grasses  punctuated with architectural elements, such as pleached hornbeams and multi stems amelanchiers.

The feature windows were a key element, as they meant the garden was visible from all parts of the house, effectively drawing the landscape indoors.


The water feature cuts through the planting, providing a striking visual feature from the house and all parts of the garden.

The strong structural outline of this garden was infilled with masses of soft textural planting - perennials and ornamental grasses punctuated with architectural pleached hornbeams, to help set this striking property in its landscape and blend it with its rural setting.

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