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Garden Design

Gardens can become treasured parts of your home when your ideas, requirements are integrated carefully into the design

I work closely with you, helping to interpret your vision, providing alternative perspectives and innovative ideas to ensure the final design meets your needs, reflects your personal style and makes the most of your garden's potential.

A unique touch...

Because the perfect garden means something different to each of us, every garden I design is unique.


My role as a garden designer is to understand how you intend to use the garden and to establish your individual preferences.

Your new garden design should reflect your personality, suit the needs of your individual lifestyle and make the best of the site’s potential, so that it sits comfortably, both as a part of your home, as well as in its surrounding environment.

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To suit your Lifestyle

The innovative use of space and careful choice of materials can transform your garden, with enticing views providing an effortless and inviting transition from inside to out.


Drawing on my experience and creativity, I create practical, meticulously-designed gardens imbued with lasting beauty, that will provide you with pleasure for many years to come.

A well laid out garden, with impressive planting and atmospheric lighting, extends the use of your garden and allows you to enjoy the everchanging scene throughout the year.

Gardens are not just gardens but homes. 


We take great pleasure in extending our homes outdoors by landscaping our gardens to suit our individual requirements.  However, landscaping is also an opportunity to provide valuable habitats for a wealth of wildlife.

Whether you have a large pond or tiny water feature, woodland walk or elegant minimalist planters, every addition is a potential benefit for birds, butterflies, bees, hedgehogs and other wildlife.

It is both rewarding and a privilege to share your garden in this way, as these delightful visitors become unexpected but welcome guests, adding a beautiful, natural dimension to what will undoubtedly become a most treasured outdoor space.

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As a trained archaeologist, I am aware of how man has always changed his landscape.  But the landscape also shapes man.  It is blending and balancing both that makes the space a garden.

To discuss your new garden design,
please call Kate on 07756 537888
or email kate@kmgarden

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“to infuse the formal perfection of geometry with the vital grace of nature”
 Barbara Hepworth

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