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The Design Process

Throughout the garden design process, I work in close consultation with my clients.

We establish initial ideas and specific requirements in a concept plan which are then refined to produce a final masterplan, complete with construction details and specifications ready for the build.  The Process comprises four phases, as outlined below:

Phase 1

The planning stage is critical to the overall success of your new garden design project.  It ensures the garden is tailored to your needs, location and budget.


Phase 2

Design Development

All my designs are bespoke inspired by you, the location of your garden, and a love for simple lines enhanced by an abundance of plants.


Phase 3

Planting plans

The right planting scheme will emphasise the style and bespoke features within your new garden and enhance the overall design.


Phase 4


The successful construction of your new garden requires the accurate interpretation of the plans and a good understanding and appreciation of the design brief.

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