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Design Development

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Each design is completely bespoke, inspired by you, the client, your location, and my love for simple lines and an abundance of plants.

Concept Design

The purpose of the Concept Design is to convey the layout of your new garden, with all the elements specified in your brief included. 


The concept design explores initial ideas in a scaled plan, with supporting sketches and mood boards.  It shows the overall layout of the garden, giving a sense of the style, types of planting and features that would create the desired effect.  3D sketches and projections accompany this plan to help you visualise the finished landscape.


During the presentation of this plan there is the opportunity to discuss the ideas, check they meet the criteria set out in the brief and make any necessary revisions.



The masterplan is the final version of the design, incorporating any revisions agreed at the concept stage.

It includes specific details of all the materials, finishes and bespoke items required to bring the visual concept to life.

This more detailed version of the concept plan is accompanied by a setting out plan suitable for a contractor to use for pricing, setting out and to build from.

Construction Drawings

Some sites have complex or challenging topography, such as difficult levels, an intricate design, or bespoke structures and features.

Detailed construction drawings aid the successful interpretion and installation of the design, ensuring that each aspect and every idea can be accurately implemented during the construction phase.

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