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Plants are the essence of a garden.  Even if you have room for only a few specimens, they will give that space a personality, style, and life.

Plants create and imbue areas with different atmospheres, revealing or concealing elements of the design or providing focal points.


Choosing the right plants are key to the success of your new garden.  Each plant should thrive in its location and reflect and enhance the design of your garden, whether as screens, sculptures, or overhead structures. 

Contrasting or complimentary textures and colours can add seasonal interest, such as flowers, autumn colour and berries, that will extend your enjoyment of the garden all year round.

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My design service offers a full planting package to ensure your newly landscaped garden develops as intended and fulfils the promise of the design.


I source from reliable nurseries and install plants in line with best horticultural practices. This ensures the gardens gets off to the best possible start and the plants continue to thrive as the garden matures.

My designs are a distinctive mix of strong classical lines and abundance of soft textural planting, which can both soften and accentuate the lines.

A well-planned planting scheme provides your garden with year-round structure.  Installing the right plants in the right conditions allows your garden to establish successfully and thrive over the years.

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