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The Design Brief

Planning is critical to the overall success of your new garden. 
A strong design brief is the beginning of that process.

1. Initial Consultation

This is a detailed discussion during which I establish your requirements, as well as key information about your personal likes, dislikes, practical needs and desired styling.

At this meeting we look at your site’s potential and consider options for developing the garden. Important elements we will discuss include the ways in which the garden will be used, desirable features, preferred styles and timescales.


It is also the ideal time to think about your budget, so you can balance your wish list with the amount you would like to invest. If you are unsure of the costs involved I am happy to provide guidance and we can review the overall build cost at the concept design stage and make any necessary adjustments to ensure the garden is tailored to your needs, location and budget.

Hope consultation sketch design  2_01.png
2. Vine Cottage, Alton Green, Lower Holbrook, IP9 2RN - KM Garden Design SJG3408-Sheet1-1.

2. Site Survey & Analysis

A site survey enables me to assess the potential of the site, understand its strengths, constraints and natural character, and make the most of any natural assets that will benefit your new design.


An accurate site survey is vital for designing to the strengths and constraints of the site. The survey will plot the boundaries and detail the positions and dimensions of any buildings, utilities and relevant topographical information, such as levels. Existing features, trees and borders will also be plotted. 


As part of the survey I carry out a site analysis, assessing the overall environmental conditions, locality, and soils, so that appropriate plants, materials and structures can be recommended and views, level changes or other aspects of the site exploited to their full potential.

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